Circumsising our baby?

My fiancé and I are trying to conceive a child and the topic of circumsision came up. 
I think that circumsision is completely unnecessary. I've looked it up and the only medical reasons I've seen is that babies who are not circumsised have a higher risk of UTIs if they aren't cleaned properly, and that they have a slightly higher risk of getting an STI from a partner who has one when they're older. 
I understand that some women prefer circumsised penises because they think the natural look is gross, but I also don't think that is a real reason to get it done. 
I feel like, if my SO had a religious reason for doing it, I would accept it. However, he just wants our potential sons penis to look like his. I don't think that's a real reason either. He also acts insulted because he thinks that I don't like how his penis looks if I don't want it our sons penis to look like his. (Which isn't true at all. I don't have a problem with how his penis looks.)
Men who are circumsised also have less sensitivity than men who aren't because the head of their penis is exposed and rubbing against clothing for years. 
I've been with men who are uncircumsised and I didnt think their foreskin was a big issues when I was giving them BJ's or whatever. 
I don't want this to become more of an issue if we do have a boy so I'd rather at least think about it now. 
Am I wrong? What should I do?