Oh how the tables have turned...

I used to be so excited and caught up in documenting every single symptom, every single ovulation test, creating the perfect Pinterest board nursery, Etc. I really gave it my all, in attempts to be successful at conceiving. However, when we first started our TTC journey, my husband was a little leery and nervous. He wanted to wait awhile, and was worried that we were trying to soon. We talked some decided to keep on trying anyway.
Next, infertility hit us in the face. Last month marked three years of trying to conceive with no luck. That's 36 months of failed attempts, 36 months of having hopes shot to the ground, 36 months of disappointment, tears and longing. 
Now, at 37 months of trying, I suddenly have no desire of looking at another negative pregnancy test... I just want one – three months of not wondering if "This is the month!", or "Is this anabiotic/ibuprofen OK to take, you know just in case?" 
But, now the tables have turned, my husband doesn't want to take a break from it. He is now so eager to have a child. We've talked about taking a little while off, but he says why should we stop trying if we're going to just try again in another month or two, what's the point? We aren't getting any younger. Etc. 
So, my question is, should we continue to try? Or should we take a break from it all for awhile? 
Also, if you have any suggestions as to how I should communicate with my husband about the matter, or similar stories feel free to comment.

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