Not eating!!

I've always been a VERY picky eater.... tonight (well every night but tonight especially ) NOTHING sounds good to me. I've had nausea 24/7 for 3.5+ weeks straight now. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast... couldn't eat lunch and I don't want to eat dinner. I know I "need" to eat but I get so frustrated because i already have a very limited amount of foods i generally will eat and like 90% of it just always sounds revolting to me. I just want to go to sleep and be alone. I'm so sick of feeling this way and getting really discouraged. My husband just keeps asking " what do you want " & i have no response other than "nothing" we bicker because he said it's not about me. ...and I GET IT...Trust me, I get it! He doesn't deal with month long, all day nausea with food aversions to the list of like 5 foods that DO usually sound good. I'm not doing this intentionally or to be cute or want attention. I'm friggin so sick of the way i feel it's just pissing me off.