I know it's early

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I'm due September 24th with my 4th baby. I have had 2 very scary birthing experiences. Out of 3 births 2 very well could've ended in losing my baby. With my first I was in labor for 2 days. I went through all but 8 hours of it with no epidural. My son got stuck (shoulder dystocia) and was born I'm extremely heavy maconium. He didn't breathe for 7 minutes after they got him out and was resuscitated 4 times while being brought to the NICU. Thankfully he only spent 4 days there and is now a perfectly healthy 5 yr old. My 2nd delivery was pretty normal 12 hrs of labor 20 minutes of pushing no issues baby was great. Then my 3rd I was induced because I got pre eclampsia. The induction was going well until my water broke and his cord came out (cord prolapse). I was rushed to the OR with a nurse on my bed holding my baby's head off his cord. Thankfully they were able to quickly get me open and him out. Unfortunately, they didn't have much time to let my epidural kick back in so I felt some pain when they first started cutting. So here I am pregnant with my 4th and pretty scared of what could happen. I feel like the best choice to monitor me the whole time I labor is for me to be induced. I feel like having as much control as possible could take away some risk. I do know there are risks involved in inductions. I'm really not one to just jump right into medical intervention but I'm worried and maybe it's selfish but I also would like a less stressful experience for me and my husband. Even though things went smoothly with my 2nd I threw up a lot so it sucked. I know birth isn't stress free but it can be less stressful than what we've been through. I just think maybe it might be best and my husband agrees. What do you think?

I'd also like to add that my babies have been on the big side. I did not have GD. I just have big babies which also adds to my worry of something going wrong.

My first was 8lbs 1oz

My second was 9lbs 11oz

My third was 9lbs 6oz