Just ranting


My ex boyfriend used to beat me and rape me. I never told anyone, but some girls saw him hitting me in an alley, and they walked me home and told my family. My family opened a case against him. I didn't tell them about the rape until about a month later. Everything settled down, and everyone kinda forgot about it. Except me, of course. Then randomly, my mom decides to reopen the case and take him to court. Months later !!!!! Like wth , after I've already dealt with the harder part of moving on, she's just gonna bring it back up again. Now I have to go to court and see him and retell the whole story.

My current boyfriend understands why I'm upset and stressed about it. But I feel like he's tired of me acting upset and sad about it. He even told me he would never let that happen to him and why didn't I just tell someone. And I mean, I get that I should've told someone but I did think I was in love. it's not the easiest thing. I don't know, I just wanted to say that.

If you have any advice for any of this , let me know ladies ! Thanks.