The embarrassing list

For some of you who have had a baby I'm sure you had a similar list. For some of you who haven't had a baby yet, take note. 
This is my second baby and iv added a couple new things to my post parted mommy vagina care kit. You do need ALL OF THESE on the list just in case. I'm not going to buy these things my self ikacfually sending my husband to donit for me bc honestly, this far along iv had enough embarrassments.  So here is the Embarrassing list that I gave my husband and he was all to gracious to agree to get for me.


Bed pads

Regular period pads the over night super always purple ones

Depends the sexy ones with flowers if at all possible?

Tucks pads

Litacain spray pharmacy

My own baby shampoo for my petty bottle 

Perry bottle

 Stool softener

Hemroid cream

My pore husband I hope he chooses self checkout.