my birth story of induction for baby #2

Bridgette • Prego with baby #2!!!!! God is good!

*birth story 

I was originally 39 weeks but due date changed per ultrasound to 41 weeks since measurements already read 7lbs 7oz at 36 weeks and he was getting too big for my pelvis. I was induced Wednesday the 18th at 6pm. When they hooked me up to the monitors I was contracting on my own every 7 mins. They skipped cervidil and started me on pitocin because I was dilated to 2 and my cervix was "soft and floppy". My contractions got harder and my husband coached me to breath through them. I slowly dilated more and on the morning of Thursday 1/19, they broke my water. This really got things going. I was still med free and breathing through and meditating through the pain. Hours went by, and they checked me again, no progress. I tried using the peanut ball to open my pelvis, the birthing bar, and other natural pain management. But By this time, I was in so much pain I got an overwhelming feeling of a hot flash and so much pressure on my chest and body that I couldn't breathe. I threw up everywhere. The trauma from me getting sick caused Logans heart rate and oxygen to drop very low and nurses and doctors rushed in and flipped me on my side. My contractions were coming strong, but I was so worried about Logans safety and my body was telling me that 20 hours in labor so far without a thing for pain was too much. My hips felt so broken and I felt such an immense amount of worry and stress I couldn't help but break down. I cried and cried. I asked for a pain shot and exercise ball to see if something short term would help me. But they refused both because of Logans oxygen and heart rate being so low still. They had to give me an oxygen mask because I was dropping oxygen and heart rate fast. My body and mind were done struggling after 20 hours. My husband, coaching me through each contraction and rubbing my back for hours on end still was trying to push me to go med free like I had asked him to do, but in my heart I knew something wasn't right and so I asked for a epidural. They were getting ready and I was balling at this point begging my family to hunt the anesthesiologist to come in and give me one. It was two mins later when she arrived, but it felt like an eternity. She gave me the epidural. Contractions came and got stronger again and I was partially numb but felt so much better. Logans oxygen and heart rate became normal and I was now relaxed. But as contractions came, I realized I could still feel everything in my pelvis and it didn't take at all there. So I get checked, I was a five, then a six, then a seven, and I was HURTING. I begged for more epidural and they upped it and upped it. Then, they came in again and gave me a stronger dose through the Iv. My contractions were literally off of the computer charts. It helped a tiny bit, but at this point I was an 8 and I felt his head literally coming down through my pelvis and into my vagina. I tried to breath through and hubby coached me and I tried my best to focus but the pain was so much that I was crying for my dr because I new that "need to poop" pressure was meaning time was near. Dr came in and said "oh yeah, were complete" and started me pushing. I pushed just maybe three mins as hard as I could, and the best thing in the world happened to me. My son was born at 7:18pm on 1/19/17 weighing 9lbs even and 20inches long. The feeling a mother gets when her child leaves her body and is put on her chest and that first cry is heard is what makes us forget every pain and all of the hurt. My husband and I held each other and balled. Our son was beautiful and looks just like sissy! My recovery is rough so far and not anything like I had with my daughter, but I'd do it all over again and he was worth it. 💗 I figured I'd share my birth story to show, even though my whole labor was not med free, I made it 20 hours and I am damn proud of that. I pushed my body, but in the end, chose what was healthy and right for my child and myself. To all of you expecting mommas, good luck and baby dust

One amazed and in love momma, 

Bridgette seitz