wazifa for ttc only for muslim womens


Dua to Get Pregnant Fast in Islam in English

  1. Make a fresh ablution;
  2. Then take one pure and clean white paper;
  3. Write Verse #31 of Chapter #13, Ar-Ra`d in the Noble Quran, (written above) in the way that each of it’s letters must be written separately. These are called Huroof-e-Mo’qat’te’at (ول و ان ق رآن ا س ی رت بہ ال ج ب ا ل او ق ط ع ت ب ہ ال ل ر ض او ک ل م ب ہ ال م و ت ی ب ل ل ل ہ ال ام ر ج م ی ع م ا). For example- Ale Imran is A L E I M R A N. In this way you can write this Verse #13 in Arabic as well.
  4. Then tie this with any thread on the stomach/belly button of the effected woman;
  5. Insha ALLAH soon the woman will get pregnant;
  6. This Islamic Treatment is tried and tried on 100’s of women.