Lost šŸ˜³ crucial advice needed!

My bf and I have been on and off since my freshman year of hs (we are both 25 now). He has literally been my first everything! I love him with all my heart, but he has been going through something mentally the last couple of months and just seems so lost. He seems so far away sometimes and pushes everyone away, then he realizes what he has done and acts like he needs me. I know he loves our soon to come baby girl, he is very excited, but he hasn't started getting the apartment ready. I mean he talks about it but he keeps pushing it back. I'm 7 months 3 weeks tomorrow so I want to start settling Now! But I also don't want to be pushy when he clearly is in the wrong head space. I know he loves me, yet he complains when I ask for very simple things like respect and consideration. I'm just so confused because he has created a bad pattern while being in a situation, that ends today. Not saying I'm not to blame for some fights we all know hormones get the best of us. I just want to settle down and get ready for her and be happier. I have family I can go to where her and I could stay, but I get depressed there and am all alone because they are always working. He doesn't work all the time so I can go back to work whenever I want and he and his mom would help. I just don't want to be moving around with a baby and have to think about what is stable for her. It is his place I've moved into but I moved out so many times the last 2 years I afraid to bring hers and my things there. Since I'm getting closer to my due date I need to figure this out but I'm torn. Do I give him more time? I'm going on vacation soon to see family in Texas so that will leave time to see if he will grow...I think...Any advice?Ā