Is it normal to resent the father of your child when baby is first born?

Our little one is 2 weeks 1 day. My husband has changed 2 diapers. 2. Of the 100's I have. This morning I asked him to change her so I could get my breast ready to feed her..he said no because he was too tired. He works 7 days on 7 days off 12 hour nights. Right now he's on his off stretch. I understand he wouldn't be able to help much while at work, but now that he's off I feel like I'm still carrying all of the baby duties. I'm starting to resent him for it. I tried telling him how I feel and that got me nowhere. I told him it feels like he regrets starting a family (we tried for a long time for this baby) but he denies feeling that way. Idk what to do...maybe I'm the problem? I feel like I have a touch of post partum blues or this normal???

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