when to go in to L&D?!?!

Yesterday morning I had a bit of bloody show and some cramping that went away later in the day. I had a doctors appt that morning and didn't get checked. I know it doesn't make a difference and I didn't want to wonder if any bleeding/pain I felt was from the exam or my actual body. Baby is head down and in perfect position. 
Later that night I started getting very frequent cramps. Towards the end of the night they were consistently all under 10 min, all lasting around 1 min. This morning I went to the bathroom and saw that more and more of my mucous plug was coming out. This time the blood es more mucousy than yesterday. 
I've had consistent cramps all night continuing into this morning but they are not getting longer and although painful I make myself talk through them and I can do it. 
Has anyone had this? How long til true labor? Am I in early labor? FTM 38 weeks today. My husband keeps trying to take me in, I just don't want to get sent home.