Anyone?? (Not TTC related)

Is there anyone on this app whether it be a female or a male who has any their attorney license? Need some help knowing what to do, about 10 months ago my sister had a baby neither her nor the baby's father work like they get jobs but won't go so they get fired.. they were living in a motel having everyone else pay the bill for them until people started not wanting to help them anymore because they realize they weren't helping themselves so they got evicted this will be the second time that I am having to bring my nephew to live with me.. he is almost a year old.. my parents I have told me not to give him back this time because they still aren't stable granted they weren't stable when they came and took him the last time but I was afraid of going to jail for kidnapping so I let him go.. he hasn't had shots since he was about 4 months old... I have Googled my head off and can't seem to find any answers. Calling the Department of Family and Children's Services is basically out of the question just because of the simple fact on I would be afraid that they would take him and put him in state care instead of putting him with family. My parents health is bad so they are out of the question it's just me or the baby's father's mother who is currently serving probation for a felony, she is also a past (maybe even current) hard drug user.. if anyone could give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated.. I am by far the least rich person and I'm not sure I would be able to afford an attorney.. thank you

Update: yes I am financially stable and mentally stable as far as I know LOL.. as of right now yes he's in my custody as far as living in my house.. the state I live in does not favor giving the child to family if they are under three since the worker gets a bonus at the end of the year for every baby they adopt out ( we found that out first-hand with my sisters oldest child that we have never seen again)..