23 years old but feeling 70 years old

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Okay I'm so over this pregnancy and I am so ready for this baby to come out even though I'm not due til July. I have so much health issues going on with this body, I don't know where to start. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy November 27, 2016 kinda the same time I found out my husband and I are expecting. Since than it's been bad news after bad news. I haven't been able to work as much due I'm always out of breathe, keep having extreme headaches which sometimes I will not be able to see or my chest pain will be unbearable. When I spoke to my cardiologist he agreed to put me on bed rest til I have the baby (at the I was 12 weeks). I seen my obgyn last week and she recommended to get me off bed rest and go back to work. Well, I tried and it was completely a bad idea! I started to have an anxiety attack, I couldn't breathe to later found out I passed out and my heart was racing like 180 bpm the highest it's ever been. My best friend told be to talk to my cardiologist to place me back on bed but idk what to do. I hate the fact I cannot work haven't been to work since 12/10/16 and 1/17/16 was my first time going back. I don't want to stress my baby nor myself out especially with this heart condition I have. Ps I also have a 5 year old to take of. My husband is a big help but his job has him away from home 90% of time. And know instead delivering my baby natural, I now have a get a c section. Week are 15 weeks today! Need some strong/ positive vibes. Feeling sad