Help - Fertility drug/treatment issues.


I'm currently going to CNY Fertility. In the past 15 months my bf & I have had 2 miscarriages & an ectopic pregnancy. The longest we made it was 9wks.

We started going to CNY in August. In October I had surgery to remove what we thought was a cyst. Turns out it was endemetriosis.

Last month we began doing a timed intercourse cycle. Turned out it didn't work. We are currently doing another & I find out Monday if it worked.

Sadly I don't think it did. I'm scared. I want this. WE want this so bad. Has anyone else been through this or something similar? Does anyone have any tips?


HCG shot to cause ovulation, then..

5mg prednisone daily

Low dose Naltrexone (1 daily)

1 chewable low dose aspirin daily

Lovenox shot (blood thinner)

Crinone/progesterone (2x daily, I have very low levels)