36 weeks 1 day what should I do..

Good morning Mama's.. I am currently 36 weeks and 1day pregnant. I was fine all last night just got up to pee 6 times.. anyways.. I got up this morning to feed my boys breakfast.. then started having really strong cramping..After we all ate I came to my room to lay down to see if the pain would go away.. it went away for a little bit but when I tried to get up to clean the kitchen it came back.. as I was sitting on the side of the bed.. I felt my upper body getting really hot.. as if I was having a hot flash.. I got extremely dizzy yet nauseous so I walked to my bathroom to throw up.. now im laying down with mild cramps.. I was debating if I should go to the hospital or wait it out to see if it goes away. One thing is for sure.. I must pack my bag for the hospital and leave it in my car. What should I do. Please no rude comments.. thank you and enjoy the rest of your day..