Leaving Fiance because of Future Goals

I love my fiance. He treats me like a princess! Cleans the house, cooks the food. He has a college degree, an amazing job. He bought our house and everything in it. He pays all the bills and never askes for money. He respects my family and most importantly my grandma. Hes never even raised his voice to me. When we get in fights even when Im wrong he apologizes first. And he always holds me on a pedistool.

My problem is we want different things to the extreme and no matter how many times we try to sit down and figure things out we just wont bend. The things range from little things like I want a pet. I told him we could even just get a fish and he said no. Whats so wrong with a fish! I get not wanting a dog or a cat but something so simple like a beta fish is just weird! To big things like Id love once in a while to go on vacation. Like we live in Florida, cant we go to Disney or Downtown Miami once in a blue moon? He says no. That he was raised to work hard until he cant work anymore and when we retire we will have a large amount of money to do things. But by then will there even be any passion left if we dont spend time together just the 2 of us now? And the one thing that really is a problem is our different views on how we raise our children.

Many friends tell me to leave. Even though he treats me amazing they say it isnt worth staying. Other friends say maybe he will change. But its not just him its me too. And sadly the few things Ive already changed on havent opened up his mind enough to think that he can change things too.

What do you think? Stay or Go?

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