AF the monthly reminder that you're not pregnant is a bit worse after a MC

After a miscarriage in November I've had 1 cycle that started exactly 28 days after my 2nd d&c. I needed 2 as the first surgery did not remove the fetus.  We BD during my most fertile days and of course the TWW was too much and I took several pregnancy tests starting 4 days before my period.  I could have sworn that the first test revealed a vvvfl and that was confirmed by other members on glow.   After that test however, the vvvfl disappeared and now I can just tell that AF will be here tomorrow (unexpectedly expected of course). 
Friends who aren't actively trying are getting pregnant and I can't help but feel irritated and envious.   I feel like there's something wrong with me and possibly even worse, I am concern about not being able to get pregnant again.  Can anyone relate to this?  Any tips on how to move on and feel more optimistic?   I hate that I put on about 5 lbs in the 2.5 months I was pregnant and I'm having a hard time getting motivated to lose it.  I feel bad about myself and my body and need some support.   
Thanks for allowing me to vent and please let me know if you have any suggestions.