grown women advice please?

So I have a situation.. My bf and I have been together for technically a year and half now... And well long story short, I've been with him ever since his ex gf found out she pregnant with his alleged child... (I say alleged because we're still uncertain if it's his but as soon as we have the money we're getting a DNA test.) anywho I met him after she conceived obviously.. Anywho after she had the baby she started to make our lives a living hell by always calling and demanding one thing after the next and caused us to constantly argue. He talked all this crap about her and how she was a terrible person that didn't know how to treat her man blah blah. Then down the road stuff gets so bad that we break up. A couple months go by and we end up rekindling things... It's been about 4 months now & we're back to living together, TTC & happier than ever... And just the other night we're in a convo that leads to him telling me that while we were broken up he thought it'd be "convenient" to work things out with the alleged baby's mom & horrible of a woman ex girlfriend. He says for about a month they worked on things and he found out she was messing around on him so he gave up... Then just so happen to run into me at a bar & all of a sudden wants to win me back and work on things... And now I feel like he genuinely wants to be together and stuff but i feel like he waited too long to tell me and it isn't fair. I feel like he should have started off with that so I could've been the one to decide whether it was something I wanted to pursue or not. Now I'm sitting here wondering now if it's something I really want and if I'm really as special as he has been making me feel... Or is it just convenient because it didn't work out with your ex that you claimed to hate with a passion. Ugh. I'm so upset over this.