Could I be?

Should I take a pregnancy test? My periods have always started the last week in the month .And I still haven't had my period. I have never started this late in the month. For years I've always had cramps 1-2 weeks before I would start. Although I have had slight cramps here and there but nothing like it's always been. I've always had a lot of "pregnancy" symptoms that could be symptoms of other things as well. Extreme fatigue, I can sleep for days literally. Constant hunger, I could eat a full meal and be hungry ten minutes later. Constantly peeing, the urge to pee comes on so randomly that I have just a few minutes to go to the bathroom before I pee myself. Extremely sore boobs, even my bra hurts. They're also very swollen. Back pain and also slight sickness from eating. I haven't puked yet, just feel yucky after eating. I'm ttc as well! So should I wait out these last few days of the month to see if I'll start, or should I test? Suggestions, thoughts????