endless sea of depression- never seeing my husband.

First off I need to introduce Myself.
I'm 24, and I've been with this King for the past 5 years.. for the past 18 years of my life I've suffered with PTSD((from being raped, witnessing shootings, mental abuse, and physical abuse)) I've needed sleep-aids to sleep at night up until I've been with him and am able to sleep next to him.
Unable to be intimate, until I met him.
Unable to trust someone with any emotional part of me until I met him.
I am codependent. I've been on a very successful healing path for the past 6 years- but it's not easy at all. It's a slow process but I heal with my Lord, and my Husband makes it easier and supports me on this path.
Now because of our work schedules- I maybe see him for 2 hours a day. We eat a meal, talk a little bit and pass out from being exhausted from the days stresses. Few hours later I'm off to work, when I'm leaving work he's leaving to go in..
Out of the 21 days in January we've only had one day together.. 
Army wives do it all the time and I feel so weak when I think about it.
But I'm not that strong, yet.
Any advice for me? 
We are taking a day off at the end next month to go on a big fancy date that I have to look forward to- but that's a ways away, and my depression is rough right now.
ESIT: actively using your advise! I ran this morning and I've started body building again this evening. We used to build together but since works changed our time I quit.. this way I can be proud of my strength and when he does see me I have something to show off! I'm still quite lonely but I can already tell the busyness is going to really help as long as I can stick to this..
One day is easy it's the habit that's harder.
But I'm really trying!!! Thank you both so much! Today was a better day!