my worst night so far. cramping and bleeding at 9 weeks

So Friday was a perfectly normal day, i woke up early and was feeling my normal morning sickness so I drank water and went back to sleep! Woke up ate and headed out to start my day. I did do a lot more moving then I've done any normal day. But I was fine the entire day. Later tht night after my nap (yes another nap 😩) I woke up to cramping nothing extreme but it felt like period cramps which is normal. Once I got up and went to the. Bathroom I had vaginal bleeding. Nothin heavy it only was there went peeing and wiping. Cramping continued throughout the night and bleeding as well. I pasted so really big blood clots. I started freaking out thinking miscarriage. So I waited till the morning to see if the bleeding would stop by then but it didn't. So I went to the emergency. And the did blood work and thy said my hcg levels has been increasing so everthing was fine. Thy said I wasn't bleeding a lot & I got an ultrasound and was told the baby was moving around and the heart rate was 187 💛. I'm really happy everything is fine and I honestly hope it stays tht way! So my second month of pregnancy im on my period great 😒. Hope this gives so kind of hope to anybody else Thts goin through this. I pray for a healthy baby!