dating my ex again

So i was dating my ex again, i had been doing it for a while like six months, that's not the problem everything was alright untill we went two nights ago to the movie theater, i asked him if he felt something for me in this months and he said no, he said that this was just for fun, that he loves everything that i do about sex but he isn't prepare for a serious relationship, i asked why didn't he told me before and he said that everything was alright for him the way it was, i asked him what do i mean for him  and he said that he just saw me as a friend, that he don't want to be with other other girls but don't want to be my boyfriend either, he ask me if i was okay with just being his hook up friend, i didn't say a word and went home, i just felt my heart running into pieces. I still love him and i don't want to let him go 😭😭😭😭 i actually feel kinda stupid because i know that i should stop trying whit him but i can't