Weight Loss Competition

💪🏽So ladies I am now on this weight loss journey trying to lose 40 pounds before May. 
If you have a weight goal let's do it together. 
Below write your weight don't be ashamed that's what we're trying to do lose it. 
Matter fact we are going to make this a competition. 
What lady can lose the most weight starting Monday tomorrow and weigh our selves Sunday. 
So we have ONE WEEK
So post how much you weigh now, second your goal, then after say "IM IN" 
Sunday weigh yourself again ladies we can do this.  
Make sure to come back to this post so we can see how much u lost in that week 
OUR JOURNEY STARTS TOMORROW Monday 22 to Sunday the 29th🏃🏽‍♀️
A few days ago I was 165 now
1.) 161 pounds today
2.) goal by Sunday to lose 6 pounds 
3.) IM IN