Feeling grateful for this app

I just wanna say that I am so grateful for this app and all you wonderful women! I know there is some negativity on here time to time but all and all this app has saved me! I am almost 8 weeks, living at home and my SO is out of the state and completely out of touch! He is on a backpacking trip for 21 days with no cell phone reception. Meanwhile, my family is possibly the most negative group of people you could meet. No one is excited for me, happy for me, excited to meet my baby. Everyone is just worried and tries to tell me how hard it all is. I am 22 so pretty young but I have always wanted to be mom so I am very excited, and this app has made me more and more excited and positive day by day! So thank you all so much for your support and guidance. Much love mamas. πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ˜Š