Sex doesn't feel the same after birth

I gave birth to my son last year in July. I had 3 different lacerations; vagina to ass, inside/side of vagina wall, & next to my clit. They took about 1 hr 30 mins to stitch me up because I was also hemorrhaging. About 4 weeks in I see my doctor because it hurt still and he told me the stitches were still intact and I also had granulated skin tissue along my vagina wall now. Well a week later I'm in the ER because I could barely sit or do anything. The pain down there was so bad. Turns out my stitches were way to tight and I'd need to see my OBGYN to remove some of them. I go in 2 days later he removes some of the stitches from the inside of my vagina and near my clit. Worse pain I've ever felt (besides giving birth obviously lol). He also used some silver nitrate to burn the granulated skin. But fast forward. It's now January and I don't enjoy sex as much as I used to anymore. I still have some granulated skin near the bottom of my vagina hole (& yes it hurts when he sticks it in sometimes) & I get really nervous almost scared when he goes near my clit bc it's so sensitive it hurts now. I can't have him go down on me without me always telling him to be careful but somehow he always hits it. It literally feels like someone's stabbing my clit with a needle. It hurts so bad. Idk what to do about it. Has anyone gone through this? I feel so alone about it.