I'm a little annoyed...

Another bu the fact that so many "men" get on here are are like "omg I ruined her trust, but she's soooolllbeautiful and amazing, like omg I love her soooo much! Omg, omg, omg!". No, that's a woman writing. Stop trying to bullshit us. It's pathetic. I can't tell you how many posts I've seen with "men" writing on their "girlfriends" accounts. Like firstly, why are you on their phone? Were you snooping and came across the app? You checking out some new people? I doubt it was a male writing half the crap. Literally no man talks like that unless they're more to their feminine side. But I know people like that and they still don't talk like a girl! 😂
Sorry, I'm ranting. I'm annoyed with people despritly trying to get attention, just stop. Be yourself and people will like you. Don't act like you're a man on your girls app talking about "she's this and that and omg". It's just pathetic.
(This is my opinion, so come on haters. I know you're out there and will degrade me for my opinion. I'm not apologizing either.)