I need relationship help

Okay so my boyfriend broke up with his ex in December after she cheated on him with her cousin and on January 1st 2017 we started dating and he promised he blocked her off of all social media but a couple of days ago he told me that she asked him for a picture he had of hers but how did she get in contact with him if she was blocked everywhere and why does he still have her picture. Do you guys think I should talk to him about it and ask him to actually block her or should I let it go and trust him. I don't wanna seem like I don't trust him. He also had a dream about another girl a while before we were dating and he told me because we were bffs and I just saw her page where he says he never liked one picture and all the pictures where she's in a dress or shorts or anything like that are liked. What should I do I need your help Comment what I should do 

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