FREAKING OUT melatonin!

Kayla • 20 with the most perfect family. Blessed with one handsome husband and one perfect little chunky 9month old baby girl.
I took melatonin last night without thinking about it. After I had swallowed it already I was still reading the back of the bottle. Says to not take while breastfeeding without consulting doctor. God I felt so stupid. Immediately spent 20 mins trying to make myself puke it back up afterwards but no hope. Still worried about it. FTM over here freaking out my husband says it's fine it's all organic and the lowest dosage. It's fine... but I can't help but worry. Our daughter slept all night and woke up at 8 like usual. She seems to be fine, but is it safe while EBF or not??
Lately I just worry about the little things.