S/O came home drunk and acting crazy with me. Im so hurt and dont know what to expect

Eboni • I found peace in my storm
Hi ladies! I just need some support! I'm an emotional wreck at this point. Mybguy works 2weeks on and 2 weeks off. We talk everyday when he's away and he's home with me most of the time when he's home. On Saturdays he drops his kids off with his ex. Well this Saturday u didn't hear from him after he dropped them off (this isn't normal). Two hours later I call message him to ask is he ok he says yes hanging with my friends. Now I said well you could've gave me a heads up so I wouldn't just be sitting at home waiting on you. He tells me I'm trippin. 6 hours later he comes home drunk and goes off on me. His phone rings at 3:30 and he doesn't answer. I get up and walk out he calls the number back and talks in guy code ( don't play with me) to the female on the other end. I ask who are you talking too, he gets pissed again and says I can't deal with this. I wake up this morning and a woman sent him her number. We're working on a family and he's acting crazy, wanting to leave. All the promises after I took him back. We broke up 6 years ago and I gave him another chance. He called me today and said we have to talk. I'm not prepared to hear him say he's leaving me. This is going to break me!!!!!!!!