am I judging him (ex/baby father) ?

I told my ex who recently lost his job that I won't be buying him any weed and that it's not important, he keeps saying He needs it because he's tired of his family or just likes to get high and I'm 5 months pregnant and just got my first job and i plan on moving and getting a car before the baby comes and he knows that, I offered him to stay with me and be an at home dad and we get back together but after he said something bout popping pills bothered me, I had depression and was depressed and cut myself because of how I looked and just a lot of other things and I was suicidal and he knows that but he just threw it in my face and that really upset me because ppl treat me different or mocked me when I was depressed or in a mental facility and still do and that's another reason why I want to move away I wasn't trying to judge him only tell him weed is a want not a need and I need to save money but he keeps saying I'm judging him and Idk if I am or not ? 
EDIT: For the people who commented thanks for responding, I was just always a "ride or die chick" and gave anything my boyfriends needed even when I had nothing I gave my birthday money or whatever because I wanted to prove my love or I was just stupid and that's why I tried to commit suicide with my ex I wasted everything and time and he left me for a friend and I felt worthless but my baby father I really do love him and I feel like I need him because I work day and nights and I really can't afford daycare right now so that's why I'm nice to him and a
Said yes to get back together but now after what you all said I guess I'll find a way to make it with daycare or whatever .. thanks to everyone