What should I do?

A bit of background information. My parents are divorced and mother wasn't the best. She would tell me she didn't want/love me, cursed me out, and was a bit more physical than she should be. She eventually left and I started living with my dad.
 Well, I'm 18 and my dad is having a hard time wih me growing up. His mother had empty nest syndrome and I believe it's starting to happen to him. Every time I leave the house something bad happens. For New Years I planned a date with my boyfriend. I told my father about it 2 weeks in advance and he was perfectly fine with it. That night, after I left, my dad became very upset with me and egged my room because I didn't tell him about my date. Yesterday, I went to a friends house to do homework for college classes. My dad called me about something little (I got books in the mail). Because I was doing homework it was two hours before I saw that he tried to get ahold of me. When I messaged him, he was extremely aggervated and blew up my phone. He cussed me out, took away my car, threw things, ect. He has even started to follow me everywhere. I feel trapped and scared. Not just for me but for him. 
I really want to move out, but I'll have to buy my own car, I make minimum wage, and most of my money is going to college. 
I know other people have it way worse and I'm sorry if you are one of those people. This has been going on since August and he's getting just as bad as my mom. I'm tired of getting treated so aweful. I don't know what to do.