Sex. Lust. Love. 2 ??


I don't talk to my friends about this because as alot of you know not every one can be trusted.

I had a past relationship... not emotional love wise bit we had a friend's with benefits for more than 6 months. We ended because one of us caught feelings and that's what we agreed we didn't want, now it gets good. Yesterday we went to the gym and before that he had to get him gym bag and change etc. Normally I'd be like no let's go straight to the gym but he wasn't ready at all. While at his house after me defying about sex and all he said he wanted something real that he wanted to try. We left it of there and we ended up having sex. 😩😩😩 this is where it complicated while I was with 1 (friends with benefits) this other guy was trying so hard with me and I never gave in because well I had a friend's with benefits but still I don't want to sleep with anyone else. After the gym, the other guy(2) invited me to a family party, I did go and 2 hours in the party he asked if I wanted to go for a walk and on thing led to another we got in the car and before I turned the car on he grabbed my hair so hard and basically carried me on his lap and threw me in the back( it's a spacious car). With 1 it's like we've been together so long and I don't want to lose him but 2 we literally click for everything we couldn't keep our hand of from eachother the whole party

MY hoe story guys 2 guys in one day. 1 went it 2 didn't have a condom so I told no . So tips at all? Any advice? Please I'm so confused on what to do

Y am i like this???