Am I crazy ?!

Stephany • I`m a 21 yr old Latina and one thing about me is that I don`t ever give up, I`m a strong independent hard working woman.
I have known a guy for years now and me and him have had many sex and made plenty memories. We never had a serious relationship we call each other "best friends" the problem is that I feel like I'm in love with him and his now off to the military it's been about 3 yrs and every time he has came back home I would pick him up and we would stay the night at a hotel but then the next morning we would go back to "nomal" which is just friend. I know I'm the one at fault for falling for him knowing that it was just what it was everything between me and him happen so quick and now that I'm living in Texas and his station in California I feel like I'll never see him again !! I could go on and on about this situation I feel crazy because I can't be with anyone else because his on my mind and worse in my heart! I deserve to be happy with someone that appreciate me the way it should be this once a year love is tearing me apart !!!