My 14 year old is pregnant pt2

I asked her what decision do she want to make as far as an abortion. She replied that she wants to have the abortion and she's not ready for parenting. I asked her was her answer based on the feelings of her parents and she replied "no". It's killing me just thinking about terminating my grandchild but right now I'm not in a position to take care of a baby when I'm struggling to take care of the three I have at home. When I first received the news I did make the abortion decision without asking her what she want to do but after reading all of your responses I did have a talk with her and told her it is her decision and she still wants to go with an abortion. The boy who she's pregnant by is now at school making fun of her, bragging to his friends that they had sex, and he also told her to have fun with the baby. I'm so lost. I myself don't. Believe in abortions. I had my first at 16 and her at 17 and it was hard but I managed to get my own apartment and finish school without any help from my parents. She's still a baby in my eyes and I can't imagine her as a mother. She still have dolls and kiddie lip gloss and a pink bedroom. She's still a big kid. Advice please and thanks again ladies.