4DPO 🙋 who's with me

Hey yall I'm currently 4dpo and  me & my husband have ttc for about a month   with no such luck we have been married for 3 yrs now but now would love the idea of having a lil one soon so I'm  putting it out there that this month is our month !!! 😬😬👏💁so according to 3 apps i ovulated the same time  I don't use opks or ovulation predictors just cause why waste the money "I know" I know "dumb but I just try to listen to my body' we'll anyways  my ovulation date was jan 25th  !  I obviously bd ! ⭐️⭐️ and bd the 26th  as well as in my fertile window I had sex jan ,22nd 2x and once on the 21st I  obviously no you can't be experiencing signs this early but this is what feels off to me  ! my boobs hurt sore I can't lay on them and I have a lot of heartburn and some cramps here & there as well as cm that's sticky white !  I am only curious as to when did you ladies  get. A BFP !!!!  And at what dpo and what were your symptoms ⭐️⭐️⭐️bd to all✨✨✨✨