Honestly I think everyone's opinions are different. Some people don't like these names or those or whatever and some people don't like weird spelling and some people love them or some people love names that mean nothing but are different. Or some people like old fashioned names. 
EVERYONE likes something different and for ANYONE to make someone feel bad for naming THEIR OWN child a name that they themselves love is ridiculous. 
If it's not YOUR child why bash another parents choice that they're naming THEIR child. 
If you don't like what someone names their child I'm sure they don't like what you're naming yours. 
Either way it really doesn't matter because that's your baby. Your baby is beautiful and whatever name YOU pick out for YOUR baby is the perfect fit for your perfect little person. 
Who cares what others think. If that name just clicks for you then THAT is what is important. Other people's opinions of it do not matter. They will come around.