losing my virginity story.. WARNING LONG STORY

When I lost my virginity I was 11 yrs old. I know so young and stupid. I was raised in a Hispanic family where it was strictly prohibited to talk about sex. My mom never talked to me about it, I didn't know if it was the right thing to do, I didn't know if it was okay. Let me add he was 19. I met him on MySpace he used to hang out a lot where I used to live and so he would stare at me and try to talk to me. I was shy af ignored him most of the time until we did talk on MySpace. We talked until I gave in and decided to hang out. Shit I though I was in love! 😂 So there's a party at my cousins house I called him and he said let's hang out. I did. We did it. I fucking lost my virginity in the parking lots! It was like 5:00 pm it wasn't even dark yet. Don't even remember how it went. Then I turned 12, I didn't want it anymore I didn't want to do it I remember feeling awkward my boobs were barely growing 😭😒 I didn't know how to say no I was scared of him, he was a gang banger. Time passed I was still with him simply because I was too scared and didn't know how to say NO. One of my "friend" was having some family problems so a social worker visisted her every week. We had a fight, she told the social worker everything about me. Of course they went to my house asked me all these weird questions I had no idea wtf most of it was. She said trust me I won't tell your parents. Umm once I came out you called my mom and told her everything so.... my mom let me remind you extremely old fashioned no talk about sex no nothing. She cried a lot, I disappointed her and my whole family.my dad almost kicked me out the house he gave me a huge slap in the face. They told me he would go to jail because I was a minor. Lies! They never arrested him in fact I never heard of the social worker ever again. I'm so thankful for that friend because of her everything stopped. My life changed so much she stopped being my friend and would bully me and told everybody in the class I wasn't a virgin and I got fucked in the parking lots. I cried so much! She was my bf! But we're cool now, we were young and why wouldn't I forgive her? She helped me without even knowing. 
If you're young and a guy forces you to sleep with him tell your mom, tell your dad, brother, WHOEVER! Nobody should be forced to sleep with a guy specially if you're not ready. Learn to say no, learn to stand up for yourself. Talk to your parents becfore taking any decision. It would help you get out of many problems you might get in. I didn't have anybody to talk to but you could change that. So many places offer help. If he's way older than you and he's forcing you to do something please call the police! Or even if he's young it doesn't matter tell somebody. And if you're thinking about doing it because your bf wants you too. Don't let him convince you make sure you're ready. 
Sorry for the long post I was just remembering what happened to me (I'm not paying the victim, I know it was my fault too.) I just want to help other young girls really think about what they're doing. And I'm sorry if you're against this what I just said. It's just my way of healing from that past.