how to have your SO gain trust back?*UPDATE*

So me and and my SO been arguing. He basically got tired of me fussing at him all the time for no reason(I just don't mean to get mad all the time) and he opens up to me and "say that he needs to gain trust back cause every time you argue with me and then we make up and it's a repeat so I need to gain trust back to know that your serious" so I need help ladies, how can I gain his trust back and how can I work on my anger.
Please don't say councilling I just need advice from you guys
I can't afford councilling šŸ˜”
Thank you!
I am a emotional wreck
UPDATE*** I am working on myself and me and my SO is doing much better. We are taking it day by day... I also got Anxiety pills to help me.. THank you for the advice!