So my boyfriend and I been together for 6 years, we've always been talking about having kids and every month its disappointment. Well recently we broke up because of stress and just him probably wanting to move on and try with someone else. I ended up sick and was taking to the hospital for acid reflux which I guess occurred from not eating since the break up. He came to my house last night and was trying to comfort me and of course after the comfort of him being there we had sex, the only thing is I don't know where that leaves us and I'm kinda confused as to what is his agenda. He's coming by today to check on me he said to make sure I'm taking my meds and eating right. I still love him but I don't think I can trust him again, be it the reason we broke up. And on top of that I'm In my fertile window. I'd like to know if its wise to use the morning after pill? I'm 25 just in case you guys need to know and he's 29