Anyone else have diet haters? My mom thinks she is a nutritionist now lol

I feel pleased that I even have an appetite (I will be 10 weeks tomorrow). I really haven't gained anything yet and my taste buds have changed since about week 5; due to nausea I crave carbs, iced lemon water and fruit. However, I am not craving greens at all. Even thinking about them is not pleasant. I used to drink greens all the time and other veggies- and am hoping I want to more during 2nd trimester. 
My mom and sister are on my case about it but I want to gag just thinking about dark veggies...I wish she would back off and just be happy I am eating! It's not like I'm going crazy- I hade multi grain toast for breakfast and tonight had a taco which I don't think is that bad; it's just refried beans, ground beef lettuce and cheese. Anyone else out there with diet haters? I doubt she was perfect either... so frustrating dealing with judgmental beotches!