Brand New Relationship!

Hey Guys! I'm new to this app. But I'll keep it short😊. Soooo I had tinder. And me and this guy matched. His name is Will. He's in the navy. Anyways, we planned to meet up and n the beach. My first impression of him was he was a goody goody and didn't like fool around at all? Ya know?? But anyways we met. Went to the beach. Talked. Hung out. And then we got food. I mentioned there were hot tubs. So we went to one and then we drive down the road and we both hinted at having sex. But this was the fist time of us meeting!! He looked at me right before we got all intimate, and he said he's not like this and he doesn't want it to ruin any chances of us hanging out in the future. I felt the same way!!! Anyways. The sex was AMAZING!!!!! So we hung out a few times after that. And we went to a friends house and partied and the next day he asked me out to be his girlfriend. I said yes!!!! I really like this guy and he's different from anyone else I've been with. I really see him in my future. How do I maintain this relationship. Espically if we don't see each other everyday?