Lauren❤️ • Christopher💍💙✨ Aurora Louise 👶🏻💖 13.11.2018✨ 24🎀
I'm 19 and I really want a baby, I want to TTC but my partner is 24 and isn't ready, despite my dad seeing a psychic and her telling him that I would have a baby this year, he is trying to make sure it doesn't happen. I spoke to Amber (another psychic on the Psychic txt app- that everyone is talking about on <a href="">Eve</a>) she also said I'd have a baby this year. I'm currently on the pill and I just don't want to be on it anymore. But I can't bring myself to talk to my SO and tell him how I feel, because it's obviously both of us in a relationship and I can't just do what I want and he can't either... it's about us both.. anyone have any advice? I just feel that I've always wanted to be a young mum, and I feel that this is the next step of our relationship ☺️❤