In need of a few super important things. Really scared right now. 😰

Leah Margaret • 3 children to adore, and adding one more! My fiancé Craig and I are expecting pink bows on 06/04! 🎀
I rarely ask for anything but if possible may I ask for your prayers? I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. I have been doing extremely well: staying clean, going to my program and following the rules there, attending anger management, seeing my probation officer on time for every appointment. I've gotten clean urines at probation, my methadone program, and my anger management program. I've also completed everything asked of me for probation except for my community service. My psychiatrist has written letters stating I am currently unable to work. She has written them for the past 9months to a year every 3 months ending this month ONLY because she was let go at the program I attend and was going back to a teaching profession. I've been asking for help from my probation officer for many many months now with no help given and have now gone over the allotted time frame to have my hours done. They were due yesterday. He gave me another week before he plans on violating me. Granted I understand that I did not finish everything necessary by not completing the hours BUT I have completed everything else and asked for help. I think a violation is a bit extreme, especially considering my probation is due to a FTA. What I really need are prayers, hope, and positivity. I am terrified of him violating me and having my one year SUSPENDED jail sentence become one year of jail. At 21 weeks that means my daughter would be born while during incarceration and probably given to her father with sole custody. (We are together but there is a huge conflict with this situation and the possibility of her being born in this situation). I pray that the two places I have found that accept me will help me complete my hours, and I pray I will not be taken from my children nor have my relationship with my fiancé be compromised. I don't need advice, unless you can let me know the best way to speak to my PO to possibly ask for an additional week? I just need some hope and some positivity. I don't want all the time and effort I've put into becoming a better person to be wasted. I don't want to lose my children. I want to do what is required of me, I don't want to back out of it nor do I think I'm above what is being asked of me. This was my mistake and I've been doing everything I'm supposed to in order to right it. But I just need a little more time, and a lot more hope, positivity and prayer. So please, I ask for your prayers, that I may have the ability and time to complete this, and any other prayers that seem to fit. I am a high risk pregnancy and worry so much that should a negative outcome be what happens that I may have a pre-term labor. I'm sorry for the length, I'm just scared. Thank you for your time, and for any more time you are willing to part with for me and my family. I pray that each of you have a blessed day regardless of what you are going through. God bless.