Time to say goodbye .. 😔


Went to my doctor's today , and he thinks staying off this app, not taking opk's or charting for 6 months will help me while ttc . I honestly get too stressed out about it all , especially with taking the opks and charting my bbt, and not conceiving for a year and a half. I honestly think I am trying to hard , and its getting to both me and my SO. It's time to relax , and not stress about it anymore. We are going to not think about ttc for awhile. So , lets see how this goes ! Hopefully I get my little miracle 💕

Good luck , and baby dust to anyone who is TTC 💨✨✨✨✨✨

I will see all you wonderful ladies in 6 months!

God Bless you all ! xoxox 💜💙💚💛