Opinions? - Kinda Long sorry 😦

Kierra • # Ruee Wifey 😍😘💋💘💍❤
My last AF was (Dec.18-28,2014) and was supposed to come (Jan.18,2015::Or 19th according to glow::) but didnt come and two days ago i started spotting and this was my first time ever in my whole life having spotting its not normal for me , I've been having headaches now lately, and hot flashes ,back pains ,on off cramps, neck aches,something like body aches,light nausea spells , weird stomach pains and now all of a sudden i have an nervous and anxious(in a good way) like in my chest and lower stomach its weird . Frequent urination also . Anyone have any of these symptoms before finding out about your bfp ? If so I'd like to know your experience if you font mind.