Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?

Ashley • 20 years old♍️ One daughter born on October 31st 🎃 In love ❤️

I guess I wanted to make this poll because I've felt somewhat alone in this, even though I know it happens to people.

I was in an abusive relationship for over 3 years with another female. I thought we would last forever. But I was cheated on with all her ex's (over 5 of them) she did drugs behind my back for a year, and she started hitting me and choking me. Not all the time, but occasionally. It started getting emotionally bad too. She was never affectionate towards me unless she wanted sex. She refused to hold my hand in public. Wouldn't allow me to be independent or even have male friends. I couldn't dress I'm certain clothes. I was yelled at If I wanted to spend my own money on myself and not her or her bills. She took and sold my car and promised to get me a new one even though she never did. She went through my messaged on Facebook and my texts. I needed to be supervised of I was drinking. So I couldn't go see friends alone.

I was being controlled and I didn't stop it. I thought that was what love was.

It got to a point where I knew she wasn't with me because she loved me, but because she was all alone and only had me left. She didn't want to loose her comfort.

She told me she had no feelings for me for a 3 month span and couldn't explain why. I felt so hurt when she told me. But we tried to make it work because she claimed she loved me again. It got worse though. Fighting every single day, never having sex. I never wanted to. I was so hurt that I couldn't do it.

A few weeks ago I finally had enough.

We went out drinking and came home where I started talking to my friend on facebook about her new boyfriend. And me and my ex seemed fine for about 10 minutes. Then when I was talking about my friends boyfriend and how I used to be friends with him, she looked at me and punched in the face and I slammed back into my wall and I bursted out crying. I was so shocked and scared. I yelled at her and told her to stop drinking or she'll end up like the rest of her family (all alcoholics) and she grabbed me by the throat and slammed me down and hit me again. I had bruises on my face and cuts all over my body. I had an awful headache that night and the next day from her pulling my hair and dragging me across the floor.

She moved out a day later.

Everyone's turned against me and call me the bad guy. My best friend no longer talks to me, and all my other friends are flocking to my ex's side and wanting to be her friend. And they all talk shit about me saying I hurt my ex and that I'm gross and a whore. That my ex finally saw me for who I really was.

Buy you know what? Even though everyone's against me, I'm proud for sticking up for myself. I'm proud that left her. I didn't need that in my life. I've become a much happier person. Since then I've been seeing someone new. A friend I've had for years.

He treats me like gold. Acts like he really cares. Because I know he does. And he strives to make me happy and wants me to achieve my dreams and plans.

And if you are going through what I went through I beg you to leave before you end up severely injured, or worse.

Whoever you are reading this, you're amazing. You're beautiful and deserve the best. Don't let people hurt you. Ever. I never had anyone there for me that whole time but if you want to post about what's going on I'll be there for you. Everyone deserves to be heard and listened to.


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