vaginal hair follicle

Okay so a couple of days ago I post something about maybe having a pimple in my major's kinda big...I squeeze it a couple of times and it came out some pus and blood (May sound disgusting), someone suggested to put some apple cider vinager and so I actually helped, but it still there. I'm so worried and sad because I really don't know what it is...I can't go to the doctor because of personal reasons, I've been searching and try to compare and I came to conclusion that I may have vaginal hair follicle and this is An ingrown hair that produces red and raised bump or a few group of bumps which look like pimples. It can sometimes form a boil-like painful sore. 
And that's what I I would like to know if you guys know something to make them go away. I know that with a hot wet towel may be a solution...but I wanna know more. 
I'll really appreciate youre comments.