So am I wrong?

I made a post, saying I've been looking for money because my baby needs her medicine and I can't afford it. Asking for ideas, things like that. The medicine is $45, I only have $25. I was asking for ideas and what-not saying I don't have anybody to borrow from. I've been looking or change all day. Someone commented that I was a scammer and one commented I was pathetic(comment had been removed) 
I thought I could come to the Glow community. I wasn't begging, someone offered, I even said I would pay back, I honestly am. The reason I don't have money is because I left my mom and boyfriend, the father of my child Saturday. Because he burned our child with a cigarette, on purpose and didn't feed him for a day. My mother thought I was lying and overreacting and decided to stay at the house with him, because that's the only place she has because she was staying with us because she has arthritis and need help. So am I wrong? For asking for ideas and maybe a bit of help. 
I don't even know why I'm anon anyways but.. 

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