My terrible birth experience.

I was so anxious to meet my baby boy. He was not coming on his own so we needed to give the little guy a shove. We went in at 11 to be induced. Little did I know what to expect. After being filled with pitocin the contractions took a couple hours to kick in. Finally when they started to get more painful I decided to get the epidural. That night I was able to get some sleep before the next morning. I started to push at 9, everything was going perfectly planned. At 951 our baby boy made it into the world. But this is most of my memory. After he was out I was loosing so much blood. Hearing my doctor say "this is an emergency now" and seeing my fiances reaction. Not being able to concentrate and remember him cutting the umbilical cord, I was slowly falling asleep. After getting a hemorrhage, and losing a third of my blood supply, I was unable to recall the most important day of my life. I will never be able to remember this day as clear as I'd want to. But I get this perfect little boy to remind me. ❤