Today was a fail...

Today was my first real day back at work. I'm a high school math teacher and I went in Thursday and Friday last week for exams and to get some things done, but this was my first day of actual teaching. First mistake of the day - forgot my pumping bra. :(.  Then on my conference hour I'm about halfway through pumping one side and I hear two people SCREAMING at each other in the hallway. It sounded like a fight was going to break out! So I quickly stop pumping, am zipping up my dress as I run to my door to get to the hallway, didn't even get my bra snapped up, and when I open it, there's a mom screaming at her daughter. I have no idea how she even got in since we have a closed campus! I had to watch another teachers class while he dealt with the student and her mom so I didn't have a chance to finish pumping before my next class. After that class is lunch so I quickly heated up my lunch and then went back to my room to pump and eat. I get the other side done and am trying to finish pumping the side I had started before the fight and hear a giant curtains over my door had fallen. Luckily there was no one in hallway or they would have gotten to see way more than I want my high schoolers to see! 
I definitely think today was harder on me than little Genevieve because she did great at daycare! It's going to be a long tough road of continuing to pump at school, but we are going to keep at it as long as we can!
Any suggestions and tips on pumping while back at work? There's only been 1 teacher in the last 5 years successfully pump at school but she's a more experienced teacher and was 7 months Postpardum and I'm only 3 with a lot less resources and more work to do. Other than her, everyone else stopped pretty soon so I don't have a lot of support at school to keep going.